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The future of sustainable Edge technology is here!

Faychutech pledges to deliver trusted, beneficial and eco-friendly solutions.

Smart Parks

Smart Parks benefit communities as they become more popular. Citizens are incentivized to enjoy benefits, all while taking part in a Sustainable Community Driven Platform.

Health Benefits

Our solution encourages exercise and promotes general health benefits to participants.

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure is designed to benefit people by hosting services at the Edge in a non-invasive manner powered by sustainable energy sources.

While these solutions are great for the environment, they also solve real world problems which cannot be solved by conventional methods of deploying infrastructure.

Driving Net Zero

Solar powered connectivity will ensure time spent in parks will be educational and beneficial while supporting a ”Green” initiative.

Off-the-Grid Technology

Our solar nodes are completely self reliant. Operating within a self contained network, accessed with Wi-Fi and without any mobile data.

Dead spots?

Lost on a hike without any mobile data?

No traditional energy source?

No Problem.

Any Questions?

Get in touch with our team today to see how you can be a part of this sustainability journey!

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Self Sustained

Solar Powered and energy efficient, we are geared toward sustainable technology platforms.



Digital Security

We emphasize the importance of security in a fun and easy to learn way!



Love the Earth

3D Printed in Biodegradable re-usable materials!


Self Healing

Our Solar Node Technologies allow our pods to self heal.

Self Provisioning

Our innovative automation provisioning allows nodes to rebuild themselves!

eLearning Platform for Kids

Learning is now all around you.

Solar Parks offer learning to those who do not have the means at home

Compatible With all Devices

No internet required where we are going!

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