Introducing: Project Hydra

The swiss-army knife for AVD Management

For asbolute AVD Management you should consider this solution!


Preview Features

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Role-based access
  • Management of user sessions
    • Logoff, messages, shadow user sessions
  • Management of session hosts
    • Start, Stop, Delete, Restart, Automatically change disk types
  • Autoscale
    • Multi-Session hosts
      • Power-on-connect support
      • Schedules
      • Autopilot: Automatically scales up/down/create/remove based on the usage of a host pool
      • Deploy hosts on demand – including ephemeral VMs based on a custom image
    • VDI
      • Auto deallocate session hosts
  • Session Timeouts
  • Session host definitions for rollouts
    • Per host pool
    • Images and shared images
    • Copy configuration
  • Auto Health
    • Remove orphan sessions
  • Automatic disk change
    • Disk size is automatically changed on start/deallocation based on the VM tag “WVD.AdvDiskType”, e.g., “Premium_LRS” will change the disk type to premium on start and to hdd after deallocation
    • From version Can be configured on the host pool level
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