Manage users FSlogix profiles directly from Hydra

Those not so familiar with FSlogix, a profile soution which Microsoft has been using since before Windows Virtual Desktop!



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The new features in the Project Hydra solution will allow an Administrator or Service Desk Member (Using RBAC) to remove a users profile from the Hydra Frontend!


looking for simplicity in #AVD management?


Look no further!

Creator of Project Hydra: Marcel Meurer

For more information see the projects Github page: WVD-Hydra


Management of session hosts

Management of user sessions

Logoff, messages, shadow user sessions

Role Based Access (RBAC)

Start, Stop, Delete, Restart, Automatically change disk types


Session Host Rollout Definitions

Power-on-connect support

Autopilot: Automatic Scaling

Deploy hosts on demand – including ephemeral VMs based on a custom image



Per host pool

Images and shared images

Copy configuration

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