Hot off the press!

From rounded corners to the centering of content and new animations, this new visual design extends across multiple areas of Windows 11.

Here are some key highlights that you will see after installing this build:


After running through the setup experience, the Get Started app is a new first run experience app that will help you quickly get setup on a new PC


Currently, Get Started has a limited number of pages but over time, we plan to add in more content to further educate and assist people new to Windows 11.

Fast & Easy Work

Additionally, for Windows Insiders on ARM PCs – you can also try out the 64-bit version of Office for Windows on ARM


 the new design gives you a natural and coherent experience across all your Office apps

World-Class Productivity

a preview for Office Insiders of their Office apps with a new design that will shine on Windows 11!

ISO loaded..

Let’s begin!

The startup screen on boot

The regional stuff we are all too familiar with

Going with a Windows 11 Pro Install for this demo

Kidneys and vital organs signed away, check! and check!

(standard disclaimer from Microsoft, no organs required, please disregard)

Custom install on our freshly spun up Virtual Disk

and we are off! timer started!

ISO is local to the Virtual Hard Disk

this took less than 2 seconds to move to step 2

2 mins in

time to reboot!

first boot of Windows 11!

why absolutely, as polite as ever!

our first load of the Windows 11 environment

everything seems in order!

Im not one for paperwork if I can help it

So keeping regional information default 

as much as possible

No, but yes for this demo!

This internal update check ran for under 60 seconds

Not sure if there are any updates deployed

during this build as of yet

For the sake of experiencing the profile

integration I did use my Personal Cloud 

Account! Let’s see

PIN Setup – easy!

I always include symbols in my PIN if it’s allowed!

Why thank you very much! 

It’s a pleasure to be here this morning!

This VM won’t live long

So why not!


I chose to sync to my Personal OneDrive!

queue the suspense music!

This took 45 seconds to move to the next screen!

impressively this took less than 10 seconds 

before I was dropped on the desktop!

And there you have it

Windows 11 Insider in all it’s glory!

More information to come as we unpack

Windows 11!

.. thank you for joining us!

Freshly installed Windows 11 – let us know how your first Windows 11 experience went!

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