Developer’s Guide to Azure

Develop on a cloud platform that’s designed for you

Quickly build, deploy, and scale your web apps and APIs

Discover how to use Azure App Service with popular frameworks in containers, or running on either Windows or Linux.

Meet all your database needs with secure, enterprise-grade services

Choose from a range of database services to fit the needs of file storage, relational databases, NoSQL databases, and even data analytics solutions.

Transform your apps with AI and machine learning

Integrate machine learning algorithms into your apps by calling APIs and integrating SDKs using Azure Cognitive Services.

Gain visibility and improve your security

Get an overview of your security posture, help protect against threats, and get security recommendations with services such as Azure Security Center.

Develop on Azure from day one—using common app design scenarios

Put DevOps processes to work for your teams

Improve collaboration among development teams throughout the development lifecycle with Azure DevOps and GitHub.

Study a detailed implementation of the various Azure DevOps components. Learn how to use GitHub services, including how to create and track issues and pull requests within a GitHub repository. Explore the rich toolset of Azure Repos to accelerate your Git workflow.

Industry News

VDI Security Best Practices: Breaking the Myth

VDI Security Best Practices: Breaking the Myth

As 2021 begins and remote work has gone from a growing trend to a necessity for many enterprise companies around the globe, administrators and management are re-evaluating their enterprise VDI solutions. “From a cyber and data security perspective, as well as a...

Azure Virtual Desktop Admin!

Azure Virtual Desktop Admin!

Features of AVD Admin! Bleeding Edge Features!Create and restore snapshots of a VM (right click the VM in the Azure node)Function to shrink a disk of a VM to 64 GByte to rollout cheaper instances and/or use smaller instances with ephemeral disksOption to directly...

Manage FSlogix profiles with Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop

Manage FSlogix profiles with Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop

Those not so familiar with FSlogix, a profile soution which Microsoft has been using since before Windows Virtual Desktop!     Read more at :     The new features in the Project Hydra solution will...


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