Support for building multitenant solutions!

Scale your IoT solutions beyond a single tenant. The new Organizations feature helps you control and manage access to devices, users, and experiences—in an interface as familiar as folder management.

Connection state now shown in device details

To see the latest connection state for a device, go to the device details page. Below the device name is a status message that’s either Connected or Disconnected. Hover over the message to see the timestamp of the connection event. View additional device connection events in the Raw Data view for the device.

Hovercard experience for devices

The IoT Central UI now has a hovercard for devices that lets users to interact with devices consistently across the site, displaying useful device data and links.

Support for regional deployments

You can now create IoT Central applications in a region that’s right for you and your customers. Previously, you selected a geography to deploy your application. All new apps will be associated with a region of your choice. We will also support an application migration effort to move your existing apps from a geography to region. Reach out to Azure Support if you’d like to migrate your application now.

We will begin migrating existing applications from geography to region towards the end of this year. Watch out for a notification sent to the email address associated with your Azure account.

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