Take advantage of cloud provider flexibility, data residency options, and a streamlined experience for your identity needs with a private cloud deployment.

Auth0 is an Identity-as-a-Service platform that eliminates the complexity of implementing authentication and authorization capabilities by providing easy-to-use APIs (application programming interfaces) that you can use in a variety of applications. It processes billions of login transactions each month across thousands of customers, ensuring that end-users get a secure, fast and seamless login experience within their applications.

Auth0’s capabilities are available in two deployment options — public cloud and private cloud. Public cloud is a multi-tenant SaaS application available in four regions (United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia), used by companies of all sizes. Alternatively, a private cloud deployment provides Auth0’s comprehensive CIAM capabilities to enterprises who want dedicated resources.

The Benefits of Auth0 on Azure

Microsoft Azure is an industry-leading cloud computing provider, offering hundreds of products and services used by developers and organizations around the world. With this release, Auth0 customers now have the flexibility to choose Azure (in addition to AWS) as the target cloud for their private cloud deployment.

Some of the key reasons for customers to choose Auth0 on Azure for their private cloud deployment are:

Data Residency and Compliance

Azure offers over 60 regions worldwide, and has plans to continue expanding worldwide. This global coverage lets Auth0 meet your data residency and other regulatory compliance requirements by offering greater choice when planning deployments.

Microsoft Ecosystem and Security

Many customers prefer to pick a SaaS vendor deployed in the same cloud as their core applications. This is due to a number of considerations, including security or performance. Azure Private Link reduces latency between Auth0 and the customer’s applications. This also gives a choice to customers that have an internal strategic requirement to pick one cloud over another.

Fully Automated Environment Creation and Management

Creating a new environment is now fully automated. , we use cutting-edge automation tools to kick off environment provisioning. This ensures all environments are represented as code and are immutable. A host of flexible, scalable, and cloud-independent services are used as part of the technology stack.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Similar to our existing AWS deployment option, all Azure deployment service components are deployed in a highly-available, three Availability Zones (AZ) configuration. If an AZ is affected as a result of an incident, services automatically reorganize their workload on the remaining AZs within the same region. In addition to HA, all customer data is backed up at a regular cadence, backups are encrypted at rest and in transit, and there is an option to restore a customer’s environment from the last backup.

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