DevOps has played an integral role in the digital transformation of organizations around the world by helping software engineers and operations teams work faster and more efficiently. But, with the ever-changing landscape of business, security has become a concern. And so, we at Microsoft have partnered with GitHub to offer a new set of DevSecOps tools to counter these threats and allow practices to shift-left to continue working smoothly and productively.

We are excited to invite you to the DevSecOps Forum: Middle East and Africa, on December 8, 2021.

This event will feature experts as well as experts from GitHub, top ISVs, and partners will showcase the wide variety of benefits of DevSecOps and how it can help your business achieve more.

The discussions at this event will cover four key areas:

Shift-left securityAlthough shifting-left security is as much of a cultural shift as it is about tools, Microsoft can help with products and services from Azure and GitHub

Build confidence in your software supply chainMicrosoft and GitHub offer solutions to have confidence in the code you’re running in production.

Deliver on a secure platformAzure provides you with the power to leverage an extensive set of services that make operating your applications more convenient and safer.

Manage access controlAzure offers leading identity service, both for users within your organization and external consumers.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Companies on the forefront of digital transformation have seen DevOps provide software engineers and operations teams with a faster and more efficient way to develop code.

Unfortunately, while DevOps practices have enabled faster, more efficient development cycles, they’ve also uncovered a new bottleneck—security. In the past few years, Microsoft and GitHub partnered to offer a fresh set of DevSecOps tools and practices to shift left and tackle as soon as they arise by integrating security into delivery pipelines, leveraging modern platform capabilities and fostering collaboration between the development and security teams.

In this event, Microsoft and GitHub architects as well as top ISVs and partners will provide a comprehensive and unique overview of the end-to-end journey for DevSecOps and Application Security practices. In this event, you will hear from our top speakers on how GitHub Advanced Security can help in protecting your code, enforce code reviews and business policies and ensure integrity of commits without sacrificing openness and collaboration.

Furthermore, we will cover how offerings from Azure Security Center, Microsoft Identity Platform and the Microsoft Graph can offer a complete lifecycle for security both the application as well as the developer lifecycle.

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