Azure Disk Encryption (ADE).

Encryption at rest using Platform-Managed Keys. This is the default option when you create Azure Virtual Machine.

Encryption at rest using Customer-Managed Keys.

Double Encryption at rest using Platform-Managed Keys and Customer-Managed Keys.

Encryption at Host.

Azure Disk Encryption (ADE) provides volume encryption for the OS and data disks using BitLocker feature of Windows and the DM-Crypt feature of Linux.

Encryption at rest automatically encrypts your data stored on Azure managed disks (OS and data disks) at rest by default when persisting it to the cloud. You can encrypt the Disks using Platform-Managed Key (Default option) or Customer-Managed Key or Double encryption with Platform-Managed Key and Customer-Managed Key. Note: When you use Platform-Managed Key (Default option), you don’t have to configure anything. It is enabled by default.

With Encryption at host, encryption happens at 2 places. One at Azure Server where your VM is located and second encryption is Virtual Machine OS and Data disk encryption at rest using Platform Managed Key or Customer-managed Key.

Note: In upcoming pages in this Chapter we will have Lab exercises on all of the above options.


To know more about Azure VM Disk Encryption options in detail and Lab Exercises on ADE, Double Encryption at Rest using Customer-managed Key and Platform-managed Key and Encryption at Host, refer to  book Exam AZ-500 Study & Lab Guide Part 3: Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate.

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