Global Architect PROJECTS

Solutions Architecture Specialists

Faychutech and our development team have delivered numerous successful & quality design projects for customers globally.

Feel free to get in touch with our Architecture team.

 Bata South Africa

– Website
– Server hosting services
– Toughees South Africa
– Website and later an API integration from Shopify to Warehouse Management System
– Mobile application (testing phase)
– Tomy South Africa

– Website

NMI Mercedes Benz

– Custom website development

MTN South Africa

– Custom Project Management system for the Network Information Systems department


– Custom website development
– Custom application development (REST and STREAM API’s, Mobile Development)
– Custom mobile development

Purple Dog Technologies
– Split My Bill mobile application
– Website development
– Custom mobile and application development

SASRI (South African Sugar Association)

– Website development
– Weekly data processing and handling development
– PLC Programming application development (reading and storing of sugar sample tests)

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