Sustainable Safety Infrastructure

Safety Technology built in natures image

with nature and the eco-system in mind.

The prototype nodes are solar powered devices consisting

of Raspberry Pi Zero W’s – designed to be power efficient computing devices.

Automated sleep and wake cycles allow for the nodes to work as a team to provide energy efficient services, self hosted on a wifi hotspot!

We have prepared each node from “seedling” with intelligent self healing and automation logic to not only repair themselves, but to completely redeploy themselves and other nodes based on environmental needs.

By working together in a carefully orchestrated multi-communal structure with biomimimetrics at the heart of their architecture, our nodes mimic plant like behaviour regarding energy conservation.


Energy Efficient & Self Healing


Self Provisioning Technology


E-Learning Platform for kids and the elderly

Project Progress

We are a not for profit orginisation with respect to our technologies. Time and efforts are completely self funded by a global team and rely on the patronage of the community to support our mission.

  • Prototype Development 55% 55%
  • Funding 20% 20%
  • Research and Development 55% 55%
  • Testing 60% 60%
  • Passion 100% 100%

Sustainable Technology

Besides living in the fast lane, as a society it is our responsibility to ensure the platforms which we rely on everyday are designed with sustainability principles in mind.

Our SSI Project is driven by providing safety solutions using sustainable energy sources.

Community Focussed

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The project has the community and the education of it’s citizens in mind. Faychutech believes that this project will inpire both young and old to engage with technology in a more meaningful way.


Connecting People

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Allowing the general public a unified platform for sharing and learning will breed a culture of trust with regard to public systems. Our goal is to create trust though understanding.


Strengthen Communication

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WIth the community upliftment as our number 1 priority, we also aim to connect various health initiatives to the public, sharing other important public health projects in a more effective manner.